The NAUE CLAMP Secugrid® geogrid system combines high-strength reinforcement with additional erosion protection for embankments, earth structures and steep slopes at inclinations up to 50°. NAUE CLAMP includes the vertical installation Secugrid® primary reinforcement geogrid and e.g Secumat® 5/5 Q1 ES 601 erosion control mats, secured with U-shaped clamp fasteners. This arrangement is filled with vegetation-supporting topsoil and may be used in conjunction with fast-establishing hydraulic growth mediums, such as hydroseed. NAUE CLAMP secures both temporary and permanent slope constructions, and the systems strength allows for significant flexibility. Project-specific requirements and unique slope geometries and vegetation are possible in a single, economical, natural- looking system.


- Dams and levees
- Slope and embankment restoration
- Embankment reinforcement

System Components:

- Secugrid® PET geogrid reinforcement
- Secumat® erosion control mat
- Fastening clamps
- Vegetation, such as through hydroseeding


- Permanent stability even on slopes up to 50°
- Guards against slope failures and landslides
- Quick and easy to construct
- Site soils (including cohesive soils) can be used, which optimises project economy since more-affordable cohesive soils can be used rather than disposed of or replaced with non-cohesive soils
- Secugrid® geogrids can be used with cement- and limestabilized soils
- Ecological benefits associated with the use of local soils include decreased transportation pollution (and cost) and conservation of natural resources