The NAUE STEEL P system combines Secugrid® geogrid reinforcement with longterm (permanent) steel-skin facings to create reinforced earth structures amenable to numerous slope shapes. Vegetation is allowed on slopes up to 70°. For steeper slopes on which vegetation is desired, special plantings and irrigation are necessary.
For NAUE STEEL P, the Secugrid® primary reinforcement is fastened to the steel shells (e.g., L-shaped wire forms) to create a strong interface. To prevent soil erosion along the galvanized steel facing, Secutex ® nonwoven filter geotextiles or Secumat ® erosion control mats are used. The system is highly adaptable to project-specific requirements and geometries, resulting in economical solutions supporting natural vegetation.


- Landslide, slope and embankment restorations
- Slope stabilizations up to 70°
- Vegetated slopes with gradients between 45° and 70°
- Retaining wall structures up to 90°
- Road and rail noise barriers

System Components:

- Secugrid® PET geogrid reinforcement
- Secumat® erosion control mat and/or nonwoven Secutex® geotextile
- Fasteners
- Hydroseeding
- Galvanized steel facings


- Permanent stability even up to 90°
- Green solution
- High load capacity
- Variable spacers allow site-specific slope face adjustment
- Quick and easy construction
- Site soils (including cohesive soils) can be used
- Extremely economical, due to the ability to utilise more-affordable cohesive soils rather than dispose of or replace them with noncohesive soils
- Secugrid® geogrids can be used with cement- and limestabilized soils
- Ecological benefits associated with the use of local soils include decreased transportation pollution (and cost) and conservation of natural resources