When embankments are planned with angles exceeding 70°, a vegetated face is usually not possible or requires significant and potentially cost-prohibitive work. These situations require harder exteriors, which elevates the importance of surface aesthetics to the reinforced structure. NAUE BLOCK is a Secugrid® geogrid system for reinforcing earth structures and walls while incorporating brick, block, precast concrete, natural stone and other facings for design flexibility. Secugrid® geogrids are placed between the facing elements and anchored in the soil for outstanding structural stability. This strength enables NAUE BLOCK to adapt to projectspecific requirements, allows numerous wall shapes (including rounded corners), and results in economical, aesthetic solutions. Where needed, additional mechanical protection can be provided with the installation of a nonwoven geotextile filter behind the facing. Walls and slopes can be built to 90° angles.


- Retaining walls of all kinds
- Embankment constructions
- Bridge abutments
- As a replacement for gravity walls
- Road and rail noise barriers

System Components:

- Primary Secugrid® PET geogrid reinforcement
- Bricks, block, precast concrete, natural stone or dry stone wall facing
- Secutex® nonwoven filter geotextile, depending on the project


- Quick and easy to construct
- Flexible design of facing
- Site soils (including cohesive soils) can be used, which optimises project economy since more-affordable cohesive soils can be used rather than disposed of or replaced with non-cohesive soils
- Secugrid® geogrids can be used with cement- and limestabilized soils
- Ecological benefits associated with the use of local soils include decreased transportation pollution (and cost) and conservation of natural resources.